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Aug 22, 2013 I am a huge HUGE fan of this book and I truly adore V. C Andrews. As the question asks, why did is do so well. I know why I like it, but I'm 

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Answer: why was the book flowers in the attic banned Improve answer First answer by. Contributor Last edit. by Question popularity: 1. [recommend question].

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Plot: Based on the. popular novel by V C. Andrews, Flowers in the Attic centers on such chancy topics. Enter question or phrase. Wikipedia on Answers. com:  

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Can you answer these Books and Literature questions? What was the name of the family that the novel 'Flowers in the Attic' was based on? It has often been 
First answer by. Contributor Common College Application Questions and Recommended Answers · Educational V C. Andrews wrote Flowers in the Attic
Answer:. V C Andrews wrote Flowers. in the Attic Improve answer. First answer by IsaBot Question popularity: 3 [recommend question] [report abuse]  Nov 14, 2013. Flowers in the Attic Lifetime. Chris and Cathy Dollanganger On a side note, we have since figured out the answer to the question: “Who sings 
8 hours. ago Edit Your Question How old. is There are currently no answers for this question Be the first. to Read Flowers in the Attic Online · Flowers in 

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Mickey. Cory found the mouse in the attic. and kept him for a pet. If they hadn't fed Mickey a piece of one of their donuts, they wouldn't have known that they had  It was written from the perspective of Jory and Bart. It was written from the perspective of the two men rather than that of Cathy Cathy indicated she. felt she  
Who used to say 'Come and greet me with kisses if you love me!'? Their father Their father - Christopher Garland Dollanganger - every Friday afternoon when  Nov 14, 2013 Raise your hand if you can recite pretty much every plot point in V C Andrews' 1979 Flowers in the Attic. based on the fact that the story is per
Think you know everything? Well, come on and try it: What were the names of Corrine's older brothers?, How long was the grandfather dead for before the k For the film of the same name, see Flowers in the Attic (film) Several times she argues with Chris over her constant. questions about when they will be 
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