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Aug 8, 2012. As if Lolo Jones wasn't already having a bad enough day after barely post race ," she tweeted — her U S. A teammates Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells, American Medalists Unleash on Lolo Jones. Coverage in Awkward Interview Beadle [to Harper and Kellie Wells]: You guys kinda hang out together

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Aug 8, 2012 Dawn Harper captured the silver in the 100. m hurdles, and Kellie Wells took bronze Harper and Wells, clearly jealous of all the attention Jones received, got. in a few subtle digs this morning in an interview with Michelle Beadle: Previously: Video: Lolo Jones Broke. Down and Cried on the Today Show.

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Aug 8, 2012 Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells. throw shade on Lolo Jones. either Dawn or Kellie won but they do remember the jealous interview with Beadle 

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Aug 8, 2012 Lolo Jones' shot at an Olympic medal. ended Tuesday, but shots against the Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells appeared on NBC Sports on 
Aug 8, 2012 Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells Snub. Lolo Jones; Make Themselves Way. Their interview comes on the heels of. a vicious profile in the New 
Aug 22, 2012 Lolo Jones 'Shocked' by Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells' Criticism and still gonna push this one,'" Harper. said in an interview with NBC Sports 
Jul 17, 2012 By the time Lolo Jones tripped in the women's 100-meter hurdles final at “They put the hurdles there for a reason,” she said in a post-race interview and directed Jones, Harper, and the second-place finisher, Kellie Wells, 

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Aug 8, 2012. Ms Harper said during an interview on NBC Sports, that Miss Jones is Rivals: Team USA track stars Dawn Harper. (far left) and Kellie Wells (

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Aug 8, 2012 Dawn Harper, Kellie Wells 'Hurt' By Extensive Lolo Jones Coverage Comments: 41. | Leave A Watch the Harper and Wells. interview below:  Aug 8, 2012 Teammates Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells joined NBC Sports Network Wednesday and discussed fellow American hurdler Lolo Jones and it was very awkward After the jump is video (and a. transcript) of the interview
Aug 8, 2012 What did Harper and Wells think of taking. a backseat to Jones, at least as far But with attitudes and interviews like the one in this post I don't know why @ Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells: Take a higher. road, and if you don't  Aug 9, 2012 American hurdling champs Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells made it clear Wednesday that they wouldn't be overshadowed by fellow teammate Lolo Jones Harper and Wells expressed their frustration during an interview on 
Aug 23, 2012 The day before I sat down to interview Lolo Jones, I saw her in a New York Dawn Harper, who took silver in London, and Kellie Wells, who  Aug 8, 2012 Olympic medalists Dawn Harper (silver) and Kellie Wells (bronze) went on NBC Sports Network, and the conversation quickly turned to Lolo Jones. Based on. the. The interview ends with Harper saying, "Boom, just like that
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